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What a great article in the Washington Post Magazine 📰. Nothing like loving what you do and making a real difference in the lives of others. #schoolcounselorpride
I voted because many have fought to make this happen. #LatinoRights #WomenRights #ProudToBeAnAmerican (at Shady Grove Middle School)
*Gets on one knee and proposes* 💍 (at El Encanto)
My school has Nike polos for the staff. That’s FRASHHHH!!! #FreeSchoolGear #SureWhyNot #Titans
Happy Birthday to @labellezadivina I’m glad you had a great time today minus the loss 😭. Either way #HTTR  (at FedExField)
Happy 31st Birthday to my baby bug 🐛! Took him to America’s FIRST Organic restaurant ♻ and since he’s all into this he loved it!!!  (at Restaurant Nora)
Green lot is the tailgate lot. If interested let me know.
Laces aren’t only for boys.
To get praise from your boss about a job well done is always a great thing, but knowing that you are significantly making a difference in people’s lives, is priceless. The graduation rate for English Language Learners at TC Williams before I got there in 2011 was 72%. At the end of my first year in TC last year it increased to 79%. It is not only the largest graduation rate increase compared to other subgroups but also statewide! #MsBontaCried #HardWorkPaysOff #HarderWorkEthicIsPriceless #ProudSchoolCounselor #TCWilliams #HomeOfTheTitans #TitanesForMyStudents #VoteForTheDreamAct